Employment Law

Is the legislative framework that deals with the relations between an employer and an employee. The Constitution, 2010; the Employment Act, 2007 and Case-Law are some of the key sources of the labour law.

  1. General advisory services on employment/labour matters which arise from time to time during the employment relationship.
    General advisory on complex matters such as transfer of employees and complex redundancies and restructuring.
  2. Drafting & reviewing employment documents.
  3. Representation in court and other dispute resolution forums.
  4. Providing advice on legislative changes and current affairs.
  5. Bespoke training.

Kenya Employment Law

The Kenya labour laws are many and the risks associated with non-compliance are high. This is further complicated by the fact that the law is constantly being developed through court judgments.

Some of the challenges faced by employers include but are not limited to:

  1. Knowing and interpreting the law.

  2. Understanding their rights and obligations and those of employees.

  3. Handling emerging legal issues.

Since 2015, Kenya Employment Law has been the only site in Kenya that is dedicated to publishing legal information on matters relating to the Kenya labour laws and how they impact the employer/employee relationship.

Now, with the Paid Packages, members can access information on the A to Z of the Kenya labour laws, written with non-lawyers in mind.

We have covered the employment relationship from end to end – from recruitment to termination and everything in between, making this a comprehensive online repository on the Kenya labour laws.

Our mission is to help employers comply by providing simplified, authoritative and cost-effective information on the labour laws.

Commerical Law

Commercial Law is the area of law that caters for the commercial dealings between people/entities. It covers, among other things, contracts and agreements; debt recovery; and claims arising out of contracts.

  1. Drafting & reviewing commercial contracts.

  2. Commercial litigation & arbitration.

  3. General consultation on commercial matters.

Immigration Law

  1. General advice on immigration matters

  2. Making applications for immigration documents such

Data Protection Consultancy

  1. Advising on data protection compliance in Kenya

  2. Drafting data protection policies and related documents

  3. Training

HR Consultancy

  1. Advising on HR matters and trends

  2. Drafting and reviewing HR documents

  3. Training

Company Secretarial Services

  1. Advising on compliance with the Companies Act, 2015

  2. Advising on corporate governance requirements

  3. Filing annual returns

  4. Drafting shareholders’ agreements and other documents

General advisory on property law matters

  1. Drafting and reviewing Agreements for Sale; Transfer documents; Leases; and Licenses etc.

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