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Risk Avoidance & Preventive Lawyering is What We're Here for

Real experience combined with professional, authoritative representation is what you can expect from Anne Babu and Company Advocates.

We are well versed with the Kenya employment and commercial laws and we apply our knowledge to help you avoid legal risks and thereby lower your legal costs.

As part of preventive lawyering, we conduct bespoke trainings; draft and review agreements and contracts taking into account our client's best interests; provide advisory services; conduct legal audits; and provide updates on legislative developments.


Our Experience is Your Benefit


We have significant experience in providing legal advice, support and representation to organizations located locally and abroad. We are involved in dispute resolution – at the Court of Appeal, the Employment & Labour Relations Court, commercial courts, conciliation, mediation and arbitration and this gives us a clear picture of the risk exposure areas and how to best mitigate them.

Disputes are won or lost in the preparation process.  We give our clients a high chance of success through skilled drafting of legal documents; well thought out court representation; and thorough preparation.

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Navigating the Legal Landscape of Employee Inventions in Kenya
Navigating the Legal Landscape of Employee Inventions in Kenya

In the dynamic world of employment, especially within technology-driven sectors, the creation of innovative solutions and inventions often lies at the heart of progress. In Kenya, as in many jurisdictions, the rights and ownership of these inventions are governed by a complex interplay of constitutional provisions and statutory laws. Understanding the legal position on employee inventions is crucial for employers…

Employment & Labour Relations Court Digest: March 2024
Employment & Labour Relations Court Digest: March 2024

  Summary of recent court decisions Fixed-term contracts; Ombewa v Ezeetec Limited (Appeal E072 of 2022) [2024] KEELRC 776 (KLR) (28 March 2024) – Where a contract of employment is pegged to the life of a project carried out by the employer, it comes to an end with the end of the project. There is no reason for an employer undertaking such…


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